Intravino - Tasting the Preview in Montepulciano

The scores are by:
Sabrina Somigli (SS)
Andrea Gori (AG)
Leonardo Romanelli (LR)

Bindella I Quadri 2018 Plum, cherry, finally the fruit in all its freshness and goodness, then bay leaf, cinnamon and coffee powder. Soft mouthfeel with nice entry, lively and pulpy with nice development and balanced finish, on liquorice tones SS 95 AG 94 LR 93

Bindella 2018 A lively ruby, resinous at first attack, pot pourri, then nice underbrush, lots of floral lavender, iris and then cherry, clove. The palate has a soft entry, it expands, has flesh, does not have the bitterness of the previous one, lively and full, with a nice finish with pleasant woody hints, just a little short SS 91 AG 88 LR 88