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Welcome to Vallocaia!

In 1983, we fell in love.
With a little paradise in Tuscany.
And with the wines of Montepulciano.

We looked past.
The falling walls and the abandoned vineyards.
For us, Vallocaia was a rough diamond.
A gem which could not wait to shine once more.
It only needed passion, dedication and a lot of patience.

In perfect symbiosis with nature.
The jewel returned to a new life.
A place where, for a generation.
We have been winemakers, body and soul.
Respecting the viticultural and local enological traditions.

Over the years, Vallocaia has expanded its horizons.
Embellishing itself with vineyards in particularly suited positions.
With olive groves, woodlands and fertile plains.

Today, after forty years of labour.
Ever with the intent of transferring the most authentic expression of the territory to the bottle.
And with even greater awareness, we can affirm:
"We guarantee our wines.
From the vine to the glass."

We look forward to welcoming you to our estate.
Delighted to share with you the beauty that nature
has gracefully given us.

Signature Rudi Bindella
Rudi Bindella and Giovanni Capuano
terra vite vita

We share our joy
for this land and for the wines
of Montepulciano

The Vallocaia doors are open: Come to taste our wines and 
see by yourself the Estate, art and people.
Click here for our tasting packages.

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