«From the link to the earth our motto: terra, vite, vita»

Rudi jr Rudi Bindella

terra (land)

There is only to fall to your knees.
Before the sight of the enchanting hills.
A magnificently unique place.
A small paradise.
Through our labour we are linked to the land.
As winemakers.

Who inherit inescapable values.
The native origin.
Reliability and perseverance.
Attachment to nature.
Tradition and classicism.
A search for balance.


vite (vine)

The vine climbs, in search of light, the sun.
It symbolises reawakening, growth, development, prosperity.
We respect nature.
The local tradition.
The things of the land.
We cultivate vines and countryside with accuracy.
Without forcing.
To produce only that which it is capable of giving.

In the winery, we follow the same principles.
Simply put.
We do not alter the wines.
And in this way they can reflect.
The splendid beauty of its surroundings.
And the soul of the farmer.

Life family joy of living

vita (life)

We are farmers, winemakers by vocation.
An ancient and noble craft.
We carry out our work with love and with calling.
With passion.
We transmit the joy of life.
We create spaces dedicated to taste and hospitality.

Vallocaia is not small.
It is not big.
It is the right size. Manageable.
Made up of people.
Who live, are Vallocaia.
And our wines are part of the joy of living.

We have summarised our philosophy
with the motto terra vite vita
VineLife family joy of living