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vin santo

Vin Santo di Montepulciano

The efforts made in the vineyards to obtain healthy and perfectly ripe grapes are followed by a simple but careful and rigorous oenological transformation, carried out avoiding unnecessary manipulation and taking advantage of physical laws (heat, cold, force of gravity) to give time and calm to the maturing wine.

In the Vinsantaia the drying process of the grapes begins, after which the musts are decanted into small caratelli for a long and slow maturation to become Vin Santo.

Dolce Sinfonia

Our wine dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi

Vin Santo di Montepulciano doc
80 % Trebbiano, 20 % long white Malvasia
Vallocaia (Sandy Loamy)
14.5 vol

its wide range of aromas is a "symphony" of flavours, among which hints of apricot, peach, fig, dates and dried grasses are clearly recognisable; its taste is consistent and sweet, with a savoury acidic freshness that makes it very harmonious and persistent

Dolce Sinfonia Occhio di Pernice

Our wine dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi

Vin Santo di Montepulciano doc
100 % Sangiovese
Vallocaia (Sandy Clay)
14.0 vol

extraordinary aromatic complexity and intensity, which reveals itself with deep balsamic notes and notes of nuts, caramelised figs and prunes; in the mouth it is concentrated, dense, with an evolved tannic texture and a sustained acidity that pleasantly balance the sweet sensations. Very long persistence