«We adhere to the three pillars of sustainability with commitment and rigour».

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«Agriculture is the noblest and oldest craft and today, it is more. A craft of great ethical and social responsibility».

Thanks to the forward-thinking inspiration of our Swiss founder, Rudi Bindella, a son of farmlands and a calvinistic culture with a strong ethical compass, his respectful, careful approach and his environmental imprinting on the Vallocaia Estate has always been the seed which would then grow into its matured vision.
"To be caretakers of a place of such beauty, a place which gifts us its fruits, is an honour for which we can only express gratitude but a gratitude imbued with a strong sense of responsibility."

The possibility of leaving this place better than how we found it for future generations is founded on the longevity of the structures and on the land, on the production of quality and the valorisation of patrimonial, historical, cultural and natural beauty aspects.
On this awareness we have chosen to found three pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Social and Economic to which we have the moral obligation to adhere to with commitment and rigour.

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Always observant of nature and its laws, at the Vallocaia Estate we have summarised the following into a true, living philosophy: Terra, Vite, Vita or Land, Vine, Life. This philosophy enables us to directly and efficiently express our sense of attachment to the land, our vigilance to nature and our joy of life. A journey starting from the roots planted profoundly into the Earth, through a strong and tenacious plant like a Vine which produces Life and the joy which its nectar has known how to give for millennia.

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«We feel incredibly lucky to be able to live and work in a part of Italy which represents the image of our country throughout the world, a country which still has a low rate of anthropization and where the farming and agricultural culture - even in a modern way - is still strong and deeply felt. To work here is a privilege and as such it must render us even more responsible and open to sharing our actions and projects, going beyond the borders of our Estate to stimulate others and to be an example to all».

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Our work must be able to benefit the local community which we feel has always been a part of our family, our strength and entrepreneurial engine. But it must also benefit our guests who are willing to share our commitment by choosing our products or visiting our Estate, absorbing "its "nutrients" for the soul.

Sustainability means leaving future generations a better place than we found it.
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