«We imagined a place that is able to narrate a vision»

Vallocaia Estate and Cuisine

From the vineyard to the cellar

For the production of our wines, we follow the local traditions of Montepulciano which we reinterpret in a more contemporary way. 
The efforts we make in the vineyards to obtain healthy and perfectly mature bunches are followed by a simple but careful and rigorous oenological transformation, avoiding useless manipulations and benefitting, instead, from the laws of physics (heat, cold, the force of gravity) to give the ageing wine time and rest.

The aim is to obtain wines of character with a strong territorial identity which express and valorise the terroir and the vintages through diversified manual harvests in the vineyards and also more picking per parcel as well as separate vinification productions.

New wine cellar

Imagining a place that would be a home and a "workshop", a living room and a place to share wine and food, that would respect the landscape but be efficient and functional at the same time, and that, above all, would tell a vision that is projected in time and that would dialogue with future generations, was not something to be taken for granted. We were thinking of a place that would also become a Destinationa place that would bring new audiences into the world of wine, immersing them in a place of Beauty.
In 2015, we began work on our new winery, the crowning achievement in a process of growth and functional enrichment of the Estate. An underground structure, designed with the latest energy-efficiency technologies, which allows us to intervene with the utmost care on every operation.

The meticulous detail which is applied during production can also be found in its colours and materials comparable to the setting. To be admired also is the personal collection of art and antiquities chosen by Rudi Bindella to accompany the wines on their journey of refinement including a large space where the best bottles are resting, waiting to become Riserva Storica of the best vintages.
Today our Wunderkammer or chamber of wonders where nature, labour and personal passion find their best fusion, is finally ready to welcome you.

Barrel room

Barrel room



terra vite vita

A tour of art and wine production

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Casks and Tonneaux

Our wines aged in barrels and tonneaux

Vallocaia Cellar

The new underground wine cellar in Vallocaia surrounded by greenery